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Sign Language Classes

American Sign Language (ASL) 1
This is a beginner course in American Sign Language.  You will learn the basic skills required in order to communicate with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in the community. What you should expect to learn includes: fingerspelling, numbers, basic ASL grammar, common vocabulary, facial expressions, and Deaf culture. 

*This course is a prerequisite for ASL 2 and 3.

American Sign Language (ASL) 2
This is an intermediate course in American Sign Language.  In this course you will enhance the basic skills aquired in ASL 1 by learning more advanced vocabulary and advanced grammar.  You will continue to increase skills in facial expressions, fingerspelling, and numbers.  In addition, you will expand your knowledge of Deaf culture. 

American Sign Language (ASL) 3
This is an advanced American Sign Language course where you will work extensively in the ASL language to continue to develop your understanding of ASL grammar.  This course will include a more complex use of the acquired skills in receptive and expressive signing.  In addition, you will continue to enhance your skills in fingerspelling, classifiers, numbers, and facial expressions. 


American Sign Language 1 will require the use of the book, Signing Naturally. The cost of the book is $75.00. American Sign Language 2 will require the use of the book, Learning American Sign Language. The cost of this book is $63.00.

Course Dates and Prices

American Sign Language (ASL) 1
Course Dates: TBD
When: Tuesday Nights
Time: 6pm-8pm
*Cost: $125.00 (plus book price)

ASL II Class
Course Dates:  TBD
When:  Tuesday Nights
Time:  6pm - 8pm
Cost: $125.00

Course Dates: 

All Sign Language classes will be held at the South Dakota School for the Deaf.
2001 E. 8th St. Sioux Falls

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